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. and the repugnant nature of what is emerging. >> reporter: and there is more. rebekah brooks, just days ago, she was at the apex of power, running the british operation. it is said he considered her his other daughter. on friday, she resigned from the company. today, she was arrested. the tenth arrest since this scandal erupted two weeks ago. brooks was editor of "the news of the world" from 2000 to 2003 when municipal of the alleged criminal activity took place. she has insisted she knew nothing about it. >> there's no way that a reporter can come in with the kind of salacious page one story that "the news of the world" was running without an editor saying, how did you get that story? who was your source? >> reporter: those are some of the questions s at are certain to be asked on tuesday, when brooks, her pass rupert murdoch and james murdoch, his son, are scheduled to appear before a committee of the british parliament. now that brooks has been arrested, though, it's not clear if she will appear, and if she does, she will say anything. >> remember, this will be the first time on tuesday that
of reports of his violence, allegedly holding up a knife to brooke mueller and trashing a hotel room with another porn star in it. but she says she figured it was all tabloid misrepresentation. have you seen him behave in a violent way? >> no, i've never seen charlie believe violent in any situation. >> reporter: she also swears up and down that she's never seen sheen do drugs, even when she moved into his home in february. what did surprise her, then, she says, is finding another woman there, natalie kenly. a m mel who once graced the cover of a marijuana magazine. so, you moved in and you find out there's another woman living there, too? >> on the ride over there, his assistant rick says, did charlie th tell you about natty? i was like, who? and i got to the house, and there she is, standing in the kitchen. and she did not look too happy to see me there. >> reporter: was it a tense environment then in the home? >> at times. you could cut the air with a knife sometimes. i felt like i couldn't show charlie the affection and the love that i wanted to show him because of how she would
in 83. >> now a special way to remember the baseball great brooks robinson. he is going to -- go to camden yards if you want to see how he is being remembered and he will weigh 1500 pounds. that's memorial. -- that's a memorial. [ male announcer ] southwest is having a nationwide sale, with flights all over the country starting at only $59. as the nation's largest domestic airline, we have a flight that fits your budget anywhere southwest flies. but the sale can't last forever, so you need to hurry and use this to go to southwest.com and book your flight before it's too late. because with $59 fares they are going to go fast. book your $59 southwest getaway only at southwest.com. [ ding ] >>> and welcome back on this tuesday morning. he is one of baseball's all time greats and will be memorialized forever in bronze a statue of brooks robinson is being built in the plaza between washingtonboulevard and russell street. it is not going to be unveiled until october 22nd around the anniversary of robinson named to the 1970 world series mvp. robinson played 23 seasons with the o's winni
in the fall. she just finished 8th grade where brooke wishes she had more time to get to know her. >> i did know she was like a really nice girl and everybody loved her. she had so many friends and was really nice. >> reporter: she has talked to the friends who were with her thursday afternoon. they were walking along the small shoulder on route 136 when gre, r didn't make it across. >> we will do some basic checks that we always do in those types of crashes to make sure there was no problem with the car, and/or, just check further to make sure there was nointed involved but it doesn't appear to be speed say factor. >> reporter: greerr's father is a volunteer firefighter. a stone's throw away from the crash. the chief said tonight the family is also mourning. a neighbor believes the 50 miles an hour speed limit should belowerred. >> there is a lot of young kids in thed neighborhood and a lot of people take walks and they go fast, they go more than 50. >> reporter: as investigators work to find the cause brooke is sad to start without heather. >> i'm praying for her family and everybody a
to report in london. the bbc has learned that rebecca brooks, rupert murdoch's top lieutenant in the uk has been arrested on corruption. earlier she resigned from her position as chief executive of news international. in the wake of the scandal rocking the murdoch empire. much more later in the program. >>> casey anthony is a free woman this morning. she walked out of jail 12 days after the murder of caylee. anthony is met by jeering crowds and spirited off to parts unknown. and in tripoli, libya is rocked by explosions after a heavy round of nato bombing. it's been four months since nato launched attacks to force moammar gadhafi from power, still refusing to surrender. and earlier this week the u.s. government recognized the group as libya's government. first we turn to the drama that has washington tied in knots, the battle raising the debt ceiling. no white house meeting that the president and congressional republicans retreated to their respective corner, but behind the scene p-furious strategizing in a bid to stave off economic catastrophe. this morning there's reports of a resurrected
enveloping rupert murdoch's media empire. rebekah brooks stepping down and dan harris tracking the latest overnight. >> good morning. it's important to remember that rebekah brooks wasn't just any executive, he referred to her as his daughter reportedly bought her lavish gifts and often would dine alone at her at a country pub rather than taking power meetings with business leaders or politicians. rebekah brooks worked extremely closely with rupert murdoch for 22 years including editing the newspaper at the heart of this scandal and then running all of his british newspapers. in stepping down this morning brooks said she felt a deep sense of responsibility for the people we have hurt. this resignation is the latest in a string of hard hits for murdoch. the 80-year-old titan, the man who in america owns fox news and "the wall street journal." he has remained relatively mum as this scandal has metastasized but this morning he is now finally speaking out about the scandal involving one of his tabloid papers in england, "news of the world." accused of bribing police officials and hacking into
stuart brooks who has been bob bell's long time general manager it was just last night he was diagnosed with leukemia. he died this morning just before 6:00. he leaves behind his wife, five daughters, grand children and numerous great grand children. he will be laid to rest thursday in clarksville. the the viewing will be coming up on wednesday. bob bell, 78 years old, countless charities and served on numerous boards all through maryland. >>> now, let's talk about this fire. a hotel in baltimore county, they say the days inn right there, started in a storage room. this is video no other station has. your looking at a rescue of a woman from the 7th floor. there she is being put down, being brought down the ladder. the fire started shortly after 8:00 last night in a locked storage room on the 7th floor. 160 guests had to be evacuated from the hotel. they tell us what they saw last night. >> my daughter woke me up and said that the cable went out. so i called down, nobody answered the phone at first and then i called down again and got ahold of somebody and as i was talking to them on the
. the pizza was the best so far. the pizza was on the ground. now, i have the brook -- broccoli in my hand. i'm going to take one out. bare with me. okay, so i would say, this is cooked. i love broccoli, i eat it any type of way. the bag is a little bit cooler. some of them aren't cooked all the way. this is. when you cook broccoli, you can see how it gets brighter green. some of this actually is cooked the lesson is that if it's hot enough, you can cook items, food items in the car and on the car and on the ground as well. don't be alarmed by this. people actually do this. it's common when you have temperatures 100 degrees like phoenix. what do you think, wyatt? >> i think we've all learned a valuable lesson. if you're outside in the sun, take shelter. you say the pizza over the cookies? >> yes, it was nice and toasted. the cookies were mushy, but i'll eat them. >> well, we melted things. good job out there. we have to get you cooking more. we'll get the grill fired up. >>> let's talk about the heat advisory tomorrow. we have several house left to get through in terms of the dangerous heat.
a special tribute on the way for brooks robinson. construction started on a bronze statue depicting him throwing a runner out. it's on the plaza between washington boulevard and russell street across from the northwest side of camden yards. both the risers and pedestal features the text of brooks robinson and his career. it will be unveiled weighing 1500 pounds of pure bronze coming october 22nd. >>> the face of baltimore is changing and until lab day every day you will see -- labor day every day you will see new walls going up. linda so is tracking the baltimore grand prix project and what it could mean for you and the morning commute. >> reporter: if you are on your way to work and have to drive through this area, this is what it means. probably slower traffic. at this time of morning, people are coming off 95 conway right there where it meets light street. and the first thing they will see is detour signs and all of this construction going on for the grand pre. this is -- grand prix. this is one of 16 grandstands built around the two mile racetrack. construction on it began last nigh
usa brooke daniels. she said no but didn't say no to the ring. she still has it and, yes, now they have a date, not a wedding date but a date in court on friday. looks like roy could learn a few things from aaron who proposed to the love ly ly amalia. aaron did not get sucked. did you hear the knockout punch. all right. i love this story. take a look at this outrageous new toy called the megamouth and everybody hold your comments. it is so hot it is completely sold out with kids and adults using it as an inspiping way to tell others to, well, shut theirs or as dr. evil would say -- >> talk to the hand because the face don't want to hear it anymore. >> exactly. exactly. and finally, "forbes" has put out their list of the highest paid actresses had hollywood. topping the list, angelina jolie, probably no surprise and sarah jessica parker each bringing in a cool $30 million last year. they may walk the red carpet but they're also rolling in the green. boom. thank you very much. there was no sound effect for that that's everything in your pop news heat index. back to you guys at t
brooks arrested over the weekend and the top police officer resigning. jeffrey kofman has more. >> reporter: good morning to you. it's incredible. this scandal unfolding with lightning speed. the air around murdoch himself is getting awfully thin. will where will all of this stop? daughter. just a week ago, he indicated that saving her was as important to saving his global empire. but this crisis well beyond his control. brooks, former editor of his now-closed news of the world. on friday, she resigned. on sunday she was arrested and questioned about alleged criminal activity while she was at the helm. >> it's very unusual for somebody to be arrested by appointment on sunday. there could be operational reasons for that. >> reporter: as the news tighten, the focus turns to his murdoch's son, james. rupert murdoch hoped that james would take over the family empire that is now not clear either will survive. >> there was a particular settlement that i authorized and was said with information -- i acted on advice of executives. >> there's more. last late night, the head of scotland
. authorities -- during a slumber party. a11-year-old was playing with a gun and accidently shot michael brooks. the gun was in a locked room but the 11-year-old found the key. the services will be held at 10 this morning at christ united methodist church on florida avenue in baltimore. >>> new this morning, baltimore's summer jump-start warrant initiative will start summer -- rather is going to start in the next two weeks. mayor stephanie rawlings-breaks will -- blake will make an announcement. so far, they have made 635 arrests with this. >>> carroll county sheriff's office is taking the law enforcement lead in the county. the deputies were proafl handled by state police. under the deal the sheriff office will be responsible for licensing and maintaining the property information data base and sexual president tourings. they will monitor the incidents on state and federal highways. >>> investigators will try to figure out what caused a fire in downtown bolt that -- baltimore that broke out in a garage right around dinner time. it was close to patrick's pub on pratt street. we understand there
to go all the way to owings mills, all the way to glen brook. >> i really appreciate this. what this does it alleviates traffic going through the neighborhoods to get to owings mills boulevard if you're coming from owings mills on the other side. now you have a direct shot to come straight down cherry hill road. >> those two guys were the first ones to cross the bridge. it cost $6 million. >>> your kids might be out of school for the summer but that doesn't mean it's out of school for the bus drivers. maryland hosted the school bus driver safety competition. more than 100 from 33 streets -- states showed up. this competition is making a difference in student safety. >> here's what we're going to do. there's two backing stations. >> reporter: it's not their typical day but these bus drivers are being put to the test. it's part of the school bus driver international safety competition. more than 100 school bus drivers turned out to compete. >> it teaches you to fine tune skills so you know with to practice or what to watch out for. >> reporter: these drivers are the best of the be
-stage three day event to a multistage event. >>> rupert murdoch's media empire is being bought. rebecca brooks is free on bail after being held for 12 hours. >> have no knowledge of the extent of this disgraceful practice or the extent of it, and the repugnant nature. >> rebecca brock is the editor of the news of the world and held that most from 2000 to 2003 when much of the alleged criminal activity took place. she remains insistent that she knew nothing about any of it. >>> hundreds marched through istanbul protesting the am burchlt it happened last week. they waved turkish crowds as they sang the turkish national anthem. turkey has been fighting since the mid-1980s. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is in india after visiting greessments she has vowed strong support for greece' economic plan and want to protect the cultural object frx stolen. >>> it was supposed to be a nice vacation from d.c. up to new york state, but a tour buss a crashed with a deadly ending. who investigators plan on interviewing sometime today. >>> i would never grab a woman's boobs. >> the hands-on approach one
in the wake of the investigation. >> reporter: rebekkah brooks was her prodigy. sunday she went to scotland yard to answer about the phone hacking scandal that occurred when she was editor of news of the world. she insisted that she knew nonoing. >> there's no way that a reporter can come in salacious, page one stories that the news of the world was running without an editor saying, how did you get that story? who was your source. >> reporter: later in the day, another bombshell the head of the scotland yard resigning. he said that he had no involvement in his force's failure to investigate of murdoch's journalists. >> i have no knowledge of the exat the present time of this disgraceful practice. >> reporter: tuesday murdochened his son james are scheduled to appear for british house of xhons. it remains to be seen if rupert murdoch can continue t t lead hs company or even keep it together. >>> now for this morning's weather from around the nation. on top of that scorching heat, gusty winds, hail and flash flooding from minneapolis to new york down to d.c. pop-up showers in south florida ar
at a slumber party. michael brooks was killed when an 11-year-old boy was playing with a gun and accidently shot him. we are told the gun was kept in a locked room but aapparently the 11-year-old found the key. the funeral service will be held today at ten at the christ united methodist church on florida avenue in baltimore. >>> 7 minutes after 6 right now. the trial began for a locksmith accused of scamming customers out of hundreds of dollars. we have been following joe horton in a works for you investigation for about a year now. sim court order -- civil court order him to pay and the prosecution laid out the case yesterday with the woman claiming that horton forged her signature on a document. the defense called horton's girlfriend to the stand and she says the woman did sign the paper herself. after that, the judge approved the continuance in the trial. no word on when it will pick back up but we will be on it and let you know. >>> firefighters says a nuclear complex is scrambling to clear the bush away. >> it is stored a few miles from a monster blaze going through the surrounding for
market center and wall brook and clifton east. those low craigs in baltimore. turn to digital media to stay in contact, the post office is seeing a latest -- a loss in business. the news is a week after the post master general talked about the possibility of shutting down saturday deliveries and maybe cutting back service to three days a week. >>> news time 5:23. netflix says they expect most of their subscribers to stick with the movie service even though they raised prices. the dvd streaming video rental company has been flooded with complaints after announcing that they are increasing price up to 60%. netflix says it expects the negative impact from the change to hit the third quarter with fewer new customers and lowering earnings but they believe some of the subscribers will cancel and downgrade the plans because of the price increase scheduled to take effect in september. >>> high gas prices have people changing the way they commute. scooter sales jumped 37% from the beginning of the year to may. many of the two wheel kers get 80 miles -- wheelers can get 80 miles to the gallo
, everything. >> reporter: in the office, becker also took a picture of a stock stack of brooks written by a self-proclaimed former lesbian. who claims she was able to cure her homosexuality through god. >> i believe god was by my side. calling my name even though i was trapped in this sin. >> on the wall was a personal endorsement from dr. bachmann recommending her book and saying her book spoke a truth that could set people free. >> reporter: becker attended five sessions at the bachmann clinic, charged about $73 for each visit. each session began and ended with a prayer. the american psychological association has told members the idea of converting gays through therapy and prayer, called reparative therapy, is both ineffective and potentially harmful. >> efforts to pray away sexual orientation from the evidence we've seen are unlikely to be effective. now, that's not to say that people can't change their behavior or even change their identity, but changing their sexual orientation, changing that deep part of them about who they're attttcted to, which emerges spontaneously in adolesce
the british parliament will question rupert murdock his son and rebecca brooks. murdock will appear before the committee to answer questions over the phone hacking at news international. that's his british newspaper division. the phone hacking scandal prompted the closure of his news of the world. now news corps journalist are accused of hacking phones and may have paid british police for scoops. >>> powerful monsoon rains turned deadly in india. look at this. the images can be upsetting. a family of five was enjoying an afternoon picnic on rocks and you can see them struggling. they held on for support for each other but the waters were too strong. all five were swept away over a water fall. only two survived. >>> he was neck name the thief of the faithful wait fog people too today retire to prayer and steal from their bags. security cameras captured his act at the airport. the 34-year-old from kosovo and thanks to the video, he is now behind bars this morning. >>> air traffic controllers are just part of the reason that you land safely when you are flying. >>> yeah, but safety is the ma
's tainted tabloid, rebecca brooks, arrested. and two top police chiefs, including the head of england's mighty scotland yard, resigned. now, a powerful father has to try to protect his son. here is abc's jeffrey kofman. >> reporter: just because they own tv networks doesn't mean the murdoches, father and son, like being on them. but tomorrow rupert and james murdoch will be stars of their own version of "dynasty." as they are grilled live by outraged british politicians. >> he worries not just about the company he built -- he didn't inherit this company, he built it. he's also got to worry about his children, who he assumed would -- and wanted to succeed him. >> reporter: that is looking increasingly unlikely. james murdoch was being groomed to take over from his 80-year-old dad. but he could now face criminal charges. he admits paying two high-profile victims of his newspapers illegal hacking $1 million to keep quiet. >> there was a particular settlement that i authorized, and i've said was made with information that was incomplete. >> reporter: this scandal is nothing less than an e
on the backside of glen brook and it makes everything so much more convenient. my friends lives on the other side of the bridge and i have to drive 10 minutes to see him. i can walk there now. >> reporter: as you can see, they are very excited about the bridge. cost is about $6 million. and the care morny starts at 11:30 this morning right here. reporting live in reisterstown, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> sounds like christmas in july. thanks a lot. >>> tonight, you get a chance to ask the questions about the ford avenue bridge reconstruct project. there's an informational meeting. among the issues to be addressed, construction schedule recommended detour routes and access for emergency services. the meeting will be from 6:30 to 8:30 at baltimore metropolitan council offices on mchenry road. >>> news time is 5:33. lots of ideas, but still not an agreement on the federal debt ceiling. leaders from both side of the political spectrum are crafting plans to balanced the budget. work will continue throughout the week. an august 2nd deadline is looming. >> we, off you list, -- obviously, are in a rel
honoring a sports great brooks robinson. the statue will be positioned on the plaza between the washington boulevard and russell street across from the northwest side of camden yards. the statue will be about 9 feet tall and will depict robinson preparing to throw out a runner. it will weigh 1500 pounds and the statue will be unveiled october 22nd. >>> a cambridge man has been sentenced to six months in jail after prosecutors say he accepted a package in the mail that contained nearly 5 pounds of marijuana. he is 40-year-old and his name is lamont jones and he accepted the packaged that was addressed to joe brown. he said that he accepted it and he was joe brown. >>> authorities believe dna evidence may be linking a man suspected of a rape case along the east coast to another sexual assault in maryland. police say they plan to file charges if lab test confirm match involving aaron thomas who has been linked to dna testing and rapes from virginia to connecticut and there's possible match between those cases and a 1999 rape case within city. police will file charges if that case results show
, they will their will be a special tribute to brooks robinson. construction started on a bronze statue depicting the orioles hall of famer throwing out a runner. it's located across from the northwest side of the camden yards. it will feature text about robinson and his career. the statue will be unveiled on october 22nd. >>> abc2 is working for you this morning. an important warning to keep you from being ripped off. pay $900 or your power is going to be shut off. that was a threat made to a woman from a fake bge employee. the elderly woman wants her story told and identity anonymous. she received a call from a so- called bge worker hoin sift she was several years delinquent on payments. then the woman-- worker who insisted she was several years delinquent on payments. and then the woman sent a man to the door. >> she wanted that $900. >> she shut door on him and went to a neighbor's house and called 911 abge spokeswoman says a employee would never ask forcash payment even if they were delinquent and the power could be turned off. >>> after thousands of participants were left without air conditioning during las
on sunday. he was 78 years old. general manager stewart brooks says he was not feeling well and bell leaves behind a wife and five daughters and 20 grandchildren and several great grandchildren. there will be a viewing on wednesday at st. louis church in clarksville. and funeral will be held the next day. >>> family and friends are mourning the loss of this woman connie bass. bass was bea gaddy's daughter who passed away over the weekend. she took over the family business of caring for and fading -- feeding baltimore's poora after her mother died. she kept alive the spirit every thanksgiving and every day making sure people got what they needed. visitation will on friday from 8 in the mong until 8 at -- consider morning in the 8 at night. >>> would -- 8 in the morning and 8 at night. >>> betty ford was known for her candidness on issues leek abortion, premarital sex and equal rights. >>> now to a fire in baltimore county. investigators say the fire started at the days inn in catonsville started in a storage room. watch as we were the only station in town that got you a shot of this. firefig
all the way around to glen brook an ate makes everything more convenient. my friend lives on the other side of the bridge and i have to drive an extra ten minutes to see him. now i can walk. >> reporter: thanks for talking to us. that kicks off at 11:30 and the bridge will be open and as you can see folks are happy about it. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. it takes all types. >>> top honors for johns hopkins honors according to u.s. news and world report, it's the top hospital in the country. it is ranked in the top five in 5 medical specialties and top five in 10 others. 16 categories altogether. they are in the top 15 in 15 of them and in addition to that, the honor roll rankings it was ranked first in the field including neurology and rheumatology. >>> a surgery changed the way doctors treat those who suffer from epileptic seizures. they are the first to use laser brain surgery on epileptics. they use a mri to died it and it takes a year to see the impact of the surgery. that's enough time for doctors who perform the surgery that are happy with the resul
last weekend. the bullet hit michael brooks. we are told the gun was kept in a locked room but the 11-year- old found the keych the funeral service will be held at 10 this morning at christ united methodist church on florida avenue in baltimore. >>> heart warming story for you -- a heart warming story for you this morning. >> a unique way a man is standing up for a great cause. >>> plus, most of us will never speak to the president let alone insult him. why one political analyst is not headed back to work this morning. you are watching, "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning. >>> now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. >>> 20 minutes away from five. it's certainly been quite an ordeal for those along the mississippi river after the massive floods that devastated homes and towns. but one young man has decided to help and it's all in the name of charity and maybe 15 minutes of fame. meet 21-year-old alex. he is paddle boating down the mississippi river. look at him. his journey is 2400 miles long. he is trying to break the record for the most miles traveled on a stan
corporation's newspapers less. that could have lasti ing repur cushions. >> reporter: rebecca brooks still has her job, despite calls for a dismissal. she said the paper had to be killed quickly. >> eventually, it will come out, why things went wrong and who was responsible. and that will be -- that will be another very, very difficult moment in this company's history. >> reporter: with a a mment like that, it is clear the scandal will not be dying with the paper. it's fair to say there's a lot of reporters, managers, politicians and police, wondering if and when they will be facing criminal charges. david? >> jeffrey kofman in london. jeffrey, thank you. >>> while the cloeing of that british newspaper is the headline dominating the news in london, it's a part of britain making news here. the future king and queen are in this country. prince william and kate are in southern california. and bob woodruff is with them in santa barbara this evening. bob, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, david. yeah. the game has just begun. this is a beautiful spot right here. now, it's four against four.
. >> i think it does need to go for what it's done. >> reporter: rebeck kari brooks, she was editor a decade ago. she gets to keep her job and so does james murdoch who runs the british arm of the company. he, too, said it wasn't his fault. >> i acted on the advice of executives and lawyers with a completion investigation. >> reporter: the ultimate boss james could face prosecution under u.s. and british business law. if convicted, jail time. >> while brooks and murdoch knew about it or not, they're still responsible for what goes on their watch. it only adds to the misery that rupert murdoch's got to deal with this week. >> reporter: this scandal is rippling across the u.s. according to a rival tabloid the daily mirror, they tried to hack into the cell phones of 9/11 victims. apparently it didn't work. >> jeffery, thanks so much. >>> you know, we all know that driving while texting or talking on a cell phone is a dangerous con for mags. many still do it. is there any way to change behavior? abc's lisa stark has our exclusive report on a new study that shows the answer is yes. >> re
denying wrongdoing. sunday, rebekah brooks, former "news of the world" editor, was arrested. all eyes are on james murdock. he admits to paying $1 million to a soccer star whose phone was illegally hacked. >> there was a particular settlement that i authorized and i've said was made with information that was incomplete. i acted on the advice of executives and lawyers with incomplete investigation. that's a matter of real refwret for me personally. >> reporter: the scandal could have repercussions in the u.s. home to more than half of the $33 billion murdock media empire that includes fox tv and fox news. >> there is a more turpitude clause in the fcc regulations for tv stations, which is that you have to be certified to be of good character. >> reporter: tuesday, rupert murdock, james murdock, and rebekah brooks will appear before a committee at the british house of commons to answer questions. this is the first time they'll have spoken about this scandal since it broke two weeks ago. it is certain to be another dramatic day here. jeffrey kofman, abc news, london. >> as we were talkin
is not backing down. in the past he has dated claudia schiffer and brooke shields and has two admitted illegitimate kids. >> if her royal fiancee were to believe moments before their wedding, i think the summer runaway bride would definitely be the new black. that would have had huge, epic, massive consequences. i think the world would have tilted in its axis. >> reporter: wittstock, a former olympic swimmer, has been dating the prince for five years. any recent hints of nerves or discord? cnn just aired this recent interview. >> i'm fine. i haven't got any problems so far. but everything seems to be going really well and i'm excited and can't wait. >> reporter: and tv guide's carly steele caught up with her recently. >> are you excited about your upcoming wedding. >> oh, yeah, i think any woman would be. >> i just spoke with a close friend of prince albert's and all is well. >> reporter: maybe some jitters at the prospect of 3,500 guests, marrying into royalty and marrying one of the world's most eligible and wayward bachelors. now, this wedding is so fancy there are two ceremonies, i
, that is sheen's ex-wife brooke mueller. she's admitted to having some drug issues. how she's really been struggling with addictions but wants to be able to take care of her kids. brooke's mom has really stepped in to help take care of these twins. >> someone needs to. >> bree olson, one of the goddesses, said sheen was a great father. >> who really knows what's going on with all of that. >> there you go. you can see the interview. abcnews.com. pop by if you want to see more of that interview. >> speaking of children. >> yep. >> a little update on the palin clan. i think we talked about this earlier yesterday. this photo basically came out showing brita hansen, who is the life of sarah palin's eldest son whose name is track. gawker first published this photo showing her very, very pregnant. now they say less than two months after the wedding she is several months pregnant. do a little math there, carry the one. >> some people are saying she's like seven -- >> shotgun. >> seven, eight months along, could be a shotgun wedding. >> this would be her second grandchild -- >> that was -- came al
the fence, you mentioned that 2,000 mile border. a new brookings report said for the first time, highly skilled immigrants are outnumbering low skilled or unskilled people coming over here. >> we should have more of them. enormous portion of people saving advanced degrees, are from overseas. they c ce to our wonderful universities. we equip them to add value to our economy and deport them. it's madness. every american advanced degree should come with a green card staples to it. let them stay. >> on a social level, how does this country grapple with that quite startling fact in 2050 it while be a majority minority country? >> i think the changes are not volumed immediately by political change. i've seen it happen in florida. florida has become a demographically different state than it was in 1926 when i got there. the change comes slowly. i was reading whether in california there will be as many hispanic districts as there should be. the political system tends to hold on, in incompentency and thins like that. i think it does come slowly and undoubtedly part of the change of the future. >
. rupert murdock's lieutenant, rebecca brooks, who is refusing to resign. is it possible she don't k know about it as shshs saying? >> anything's possible. what i would like to know, what stories came out from this kind of phone hacking of the kidnapped girl? if stories came out from that phone hacking, and if the editor of the paper, look at those stories before the public said to the reporter, how do you know this or that, any good editor is supposed to know how the reporters get their stories. but, so far, we don't know any of that. >> and, nina, what do you -- what impact do you think this s, not just on murdock's empire but the sort of tabloid culture there and even here, if the the at all? >> tabloids will never go away. they are part of the history of, at least a western democracy, but, it does show you, when politici politician, and the news media are completely intertwined, not just get in bed together, because they've always been in bed together a little bit. but their ownership is intertwined with the power of the press, it can get to be a very dangerous proposition, reading ho
. murdoch, his son james and former top lieutenant rebekah brooks arrested all set to face what may be their toughest day yet in the scandal. jeffrey kofman has been following the latest and has new developments. jeffrey, good morning. >> reporter: and good morning to you, david. that's right. rupert murdoch and his son james arrived at the british parliament moments ago facing a crush of cameras and a throng of people. the headline this morning, reports that murdoch may actually step down from the helm of news corporation as this crisis threatens to destroy a $33 billion global empire. for this family, everything is at stake. the global media empire rupert murdoch built and his dreams of handing it over to his children. today for the first time since the scandal broke here they will answer questions publicly before british politicians. it is must see tv around the world. a media dynasty on the brink. >> if you look at murdoch and i've looked at him for many, many years, he's a man that knows what's going on in his company. today we want to know when did you know, when did james kno
it was brought down by management that still refuses to acknowledge its own role. that is rebecca brooks. she was editor while many of the crimes were committed. 270 people lost their jobs this weekend. she stays. but murdock may lose a huge business deal. his plan to take 100% control of britain's b sky b satellite network. this scandal has highlighted what many in britain have considered to be a near monopoly by murdock companies. 40% of the papers sold in this country, including the fabled "times" and "sunday times" are owned by murdock companies. his holdings stretch around the world. in the u.s. he owns two of the most influential newspapers. 20th century fox. fox news. and yes, fox tv. owner of "the simpsons." >> i own 60% of that, nitwit! >> all right, break it up, boys. >> i suppose you didn't like tabloid newspapers either. >> reporter: news corporation, the company he controls action, is headquartered in new york. his challenge now is to keep the taint that's poisoned his british holdings from affecting his holdings around the world. >>> from one kind of let to another, extreme heat
watch. he paid the price and resigned. >> reporter: while 200 will lose their job, not rebecca brooks even though she was the other editor. >> it was reported she offered her resignation and in this situation i would have taken it. >> reporter: her outspoken boss, rupert murdoch, who is in idaho this week is standing by her. do you walk this fast all the time? >> i do when i'm running away from you guys. >> reporter: but he can't run away from the reality that his empire has been exposed to things so shocking despite its 168-year history he is sitting it down for good. >> it is clear that "news of the world" as owned and managed by rupert murdoch was a criminal organization. >> reporter: it was hated by celebrities, politicians, even the royals for its relentless pursuit of sensational stories. remember the duchess of york caught selling access to prince andrew. beckham's secret affair. it made it hugely profitable for murdoch. that changed this week with revelations that they hacked the voice mails of 4,000 people, not just celebrities but families of a murdered teen, terrorist victi
sheen's ex brooke mueller. she's had a lot of struggles with drugs and alcohol. she went to rehab then had a relapse. she was going to mexico to get this special drug ibogaine. apaprently she couldn't get on the plane when she went to go to the mexican rehab because she couldn't find her passport. so that is to be continued. they're trying to get her an emergency passport so she can get to that rehab. >> lots of rumors there about katy perry and russell brand breaking up. apparently katy went on to twitter and said, do not believe it, we're just fine, and the marriage apparently is solid. she went out there and wrote what you see there on your screen. privacy is our luxury, we don't need to flaunt our relationship. >>> here are some stories to watch today on abc news. the military psychiatrist charged in the 2009 ft. hood shootings is due in court this afternoon for arraignment. nidal malik hasan is accused of killing 13 people. >>> american airlines is expected to announce it's ordering hundreds of new jets to replace those in its aging fleet. both boeing and airbus can expect or
. it is absolutely disgusting. >> reporter: at the center of the scandal, this woman. rebecca brooks. editor of "the news of the world" in 2002, now head of high pressure dock's media empire. so far, she has resisted calls to resign and take responsibility. there is no sign of the outrage here diminishing. from the public, politicians, and other media outlets. add to that a mounting advertiser boycott of "the news of the world." ford is just one of a number of companies saying they don't want to be associated with a newspaper that doesn't know where to draw the line. jeffrey kofman, abc news, london. >> enough is enough. >>> after three decades the countdown is on to the final shuttle flight scheduled to lift off tomorrow morning. "atlantis" is on the launch pad and ready to go. but there is a 70% chance of rain or thunderstorms which could delay the historic mission. up to 1 million people are expected to turn out at cape canaveral to watch. >> of course they want it to go up. there's this launch window where the shuttle's got to get to the space station. i liken it to the quarterback throwing a fo
of world" surfaced and murdock shut down the 168-year-old paper. lookups for rebecca brooks shot up in the wake of the british prime minister's call for her resignation and the announcement of a public inquiry. another international story captivating folks here at home is the action at the women's world cup in dresden, germany. according to fifa, more than 29 million women around the world play soccer. and if searches are any indication, this tournament is sure to light an even bigger passion for the sport in the u.s. as team usa heads into the final match on sunday against japan, players hope solo, abby wambach, and megan rapinoe are the most-searched team members right now on yahoo!. >>> now to hollywood news and the harry potter frenzy. fans are getting nostalgic at the series draws to a close with the opening of the final movie part 2 of "harry potter and the deathly hallows." searches for the complete list of the movies in order are up 265% right now. people are scouring the web for hogwarts merchandise like wands, costumes, and even a harry potter chess set. and speaking of no
, and rebecca brooks, once headed "news of the world," they expect them to testify next tuesday and they may respond later today to those charges. >> if you can imagine if this extended here to the u.s. lots of people here in new york read "the post," which is murdock owned as well. this is a big disappointment to him to have this deal fall through with skyky television, course. definitely affecting his business. >>> washington state authorities are outraged over a legal loophole that is allowing an admitted child molest tore watch child porn while he's in jail. wiwi done gilbert is acting as his other than attorney in the case. that means he's entitled to review the evidence. that evidence includes more than 100 videos seized from his own home showing gilbert's acts of abuse. victims are being victimized all over again. >>> now to a phone bill scam that's bilking millions of americans every month. they're unknowingly dishing out money for bogus fees tacked onto their bills. some of the biggest phone companies are not only letting it happen but getting a cut themselves. here's abc's linsey d
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-wife brooke mueller and trashing a hotel room with another porn star in it but figured it was all tabloid misrepresentation. but were you not concerned there might be a kernel of truth to it and maybe you were putting yourself in a dicey situation. >> i believe that from most rumors there's some truth, but i wasn't -- i did not get that vibe from him whatsoever. >> reporter: have you ever seen him benave a violent way. >> no, i've never seen charlie behave violently in any situation. >> reporter: you never felt personally scared or threatened? >> no. >> reporter: olson swears up and down she has never seen sheen do dawgs even when she moved into his home in february. what did surprise her, she says, was natty. so you moved in and you find out there's another woman living there too? >> on the rigde over there his assistant says did you -- did charlie tell you about natty and i said who and he was like, oh, then i get to the house and there she is standing in the kitchen and she didn't look too happy to see me with my bags. >> reporter: one week after the war between sheen and the creator o
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